Find & Fix Vulnerabilities during Development

SecureAssistFix insecure code on-the-fly, without slowing you down

SecureAssist is a lightweight static analysis tool that automatically detects vulnerabilities and provides just-in-time security guidance to you as you code.

With SecureAssist, you can eliminate the most common security problems, by checking your own code for security vulnerabilities, and using SecureAssist guidance to fix them.



SecureAssist Features

Fits into a Modern Agile Process
Foster the tight feedback loops that you need for a modern agile environment.

Create custom vulnerability rules. Standardize on company-approved guidance and configuration settings.

Reports Remotely
View aggregate and individual statistics to quantify how you’ve improved your company’s security over time.

Refreshed Regularly
Get updated rules as new vulnerabilities surface. Receive periodic product updates with feature expansion.


Supported Languages

Supported IDEs

Fast scans. Helpful guidance. What more do you need?

SecureAssist is a security training tool that works much like a spellchecker but for risky code. It highlights common application vulnerabilities and offers practical guidance so each issue can be fixed before it leaves your work station.

SecureAssist Features

Takes seconds to scan a file without chewing up system resources.

Lives in the IDE
Works where your developers work. Delivers guidance to the desktop so you can build security skills every day.

Customized to your language & environment. Links to a precise line of code. Supports your frameworks out-of-the-box.

Doesn’t require additional workflow steps. Automatically scans as needed while you work.