Flip the Script on Developer-Driven Security

Developer-Driven Security Tool - Software Security Starts with Codiscope Jacks

Codiscope Jacks is a cloud-based developer tool that helps you write more secure source code. Jacks makes developer-driven security easy by teaching you to code securely as you build your app.

Jacks analyzes your GitHub repos in seconds and delivers tailored recommendations based on an analysis of your source code. Jacks lets you treat security issues like any other bugs in the agile dev/test/fix process and highlights your successes and improvements over time. You’ll pick up new skills that make you a better developer and improve the working knowledge of your entire development team.

Jacks is about much more than writing stronger code — it’s about making you a smarter developer.


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Lightning Fast Analysis
Add projects directly from GitHub & analyze your source code in seconds. Explore recommendations for your entire project or just the repo you’re currently working on.

Relevant Security Best Practices
Learn stronger approaches to development with pragmatic and relevant security advice written by subject matter experts.

In-Depth Security Courses
Take a course to learn more about each security topic.

Proven Code Fixes
Get actual working code fixes that can be downloaded and applied immediately for the fastest possible resolution.

Team Slack Discussions
Chat with your team members in real time and determine the solution that works best for your project as a whole.

Become a Better Developer
Monitor your improvements over time as you continue to advance your security skills.

Analyzing your source code with “old-fashioned” static analysis tools can take hours—multiply that by hundreds of applications, and it’s just not possible to scan and fix every one. Unless you have Jacks.

Jacks performs true semantic analysis on your JavaScript and Java code in a fraction of the time that it’d take other applications. The engine can handle thousands of applications simultaneously and process source code to the tune of 35 MB/second. Don’t believe us? We’d love to tell you more.

(Some of) the Things Jacks Looks For

api_abuse API Configuration

authentication Authentication and Authorization

input_validation Input Validation and Output Encoding

prevention_of_injection Prevention of Injection Attacks 

proper_use_of_cryptographic_algorithms Safe Use of Cryptography

session_management Session and State Management 

Currently, Jacks supports MEAN stacks using Node.js with Express, Hapi.js, and MongoDB, and Java using Spring and Struts. All source code is currently analyzed via GitHub.

No support for your app? We’d love to fix that. Let us know what your stack looks like and we’ll notify you when we add support for your languages and frameworks.