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Software Security Training - Codiscope eLearningLet’s face it: most developers don’t have a lot of time to brush up on security practices. In fact, most of us can summarize our experience in decades but count our security training in hours or minutes. We’re too focused on meeting tight deadlines and navigating our way around the ever-aggravating “scope creep” to invest time in training.

We need training that’s brief, accurate, and to-the-point.

Codiscope’s eLearning tools build upon the real-world knowledge of software security experts to create clear, practical learning experiences. Learn about issues at a high level or jump ahead to immediately see how particular code strings can be problematic and the best method to remedy them–without hunting through old PowerPoint decks and pages of “best practice” recommendations.

eLearning Features

24×7 Unlimited On-demand Access
Make our hosted collection of courses available to your developers to view at their leisure — anytime, anywhere. Or, deploy on-premises on your own LMS.

Individual & Group Reporting
Manage users and report on course completions, quiz scores, and user activity.

Knowledge Checks and Final Exams
Reinforce your developer’s new security knowledge with periodic quizzes and a scored exam.

Content Updates
Always train your developers using the most up-to-date materials, released automatically through our hosted LMS.


Supported Compliance Standards

Industry-leading coverage of the most important topics & languages

Our eLearning content is designed from the ground up using top instructional design practices. We don’t use recorded instructor-led classes, or simply animate slideware designed for live delivery. Our Instructional Designers follow a rigorous process to ensure that the relevant information is provided in a logical manner and reinforced through interactive exercises.

Buffer Overflows in C++

Our Full Library of Course Offerings


  • Foundations of Software Security
  • Foundations of Information Security Awareness
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Attack and Defense
  • Developing Securely for PCI DSS
  • Introduction to Cryptography for Developers and Architects

Defensive Strategies

  • Secure Password Storage

Languages and Platforms

  • Foundations of:
    • JavaScript and HTML5 Security
    • Java Platform Security
    • .NET Platform Security
    • PHP Security
    • COBOL Security
  • Defensive Programming for:
    • JavaScript and HTML5
    • JavaEE Web Applications
    • PHP
    • C# for ASP.NET
    • C/C++
    • COBOL
    • Python and Django
    • OAuth 2.0 Security
    • SAML Security


  • Foundations of Mobile Security
  • Foundations of Android Security
  • Foundations of iOS Security
  • Defensive Programming for Android
  • Defensive Programming for iOS

Requirements, Architecture, and Training

  • Architecture Risk Analysis
  • Foundations of Software Security Requirements
  • Risk-Based Security Testing Strategy

Microcourses (NEW!)

  • Hapi.js Security
  • React.js Security
  • Securing MongoDB

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