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Sure, it takes an active initiative to secure your applications — but that doesn’t mean it has to be a pain. And we’ve got just the tools to help.


Application Security Tools - Code Smarter, Not Harder with JacksDesigned specifically for developers who lack a dedicated software security resource, Jacks is a web-based software development tool that teaches you to code securely through your existing development process. Using your existing GitHub repos, you can analyze your code and find ways to make your software more secure in seconds.



Application Security - Lightweight Static Analysis Tool SecureAssistSecureAssist helps developers own the security of their own code by pointing out opportunities to improve their code on-the-fly, right from their IDE. The tool highlights risky code and offers practical steps to fix it, teaching developers how to code more securely over time. No hundred-page bug reports. No triages. No delays.



Application Security Tools - Codiscope eLearningCodiscope eLearning is the fastest, most comprehensive way to improve your application security skills. In stark contrast to the dull slideware that dominates the industry, each course features interactive language-specific modules — written by experts in the field — with HTML5-based engagements to keep you from nodding off while you learn.