Our Digital Identities Are in Jeopardy.

The “bad guys” are everywhere, and we’re helpless to stop them. Something’s got to give.

The Vision

We should feel safe when we walk through the airport, when we scan our RFID badge at the office security gate, when we run to the corner store for that seemingly urgent helping of Ben & Jerry’s. We deserve to know that the Dark Web doesn’t know more about our children than we do. We deserve a minimum guarantee to our digital security.

At Codiscope, we believe it’s possible. We just need an easier way to make software that’s secure.

Our Mission

Security belongs in development. We’re improving the quality of software everywhere by creating tools that help developers build and deploy secure code faster. We arm engineers with training and tools that work within existing development processes, so they can write better code and put an end to the Crap Code that engulfs us.

Our Origins

Codiscope was established in 2015 as a spin-off of Cigital, Inc. We’ve transformed the tools and intellectual property created by Cigital software security experts into a suite of accessible, streamlined tools for a broad population of developers. We are committed to building and evolving security products that are efficient and easy for any developer to use, whether they’re maintaining enterprise-scale software or prototyping new applications for a startup.

Cigital is a global software security services firm known for its proven approach to building security into the development process. Our continuing relationship with Cigital allows us to leverage the company’s expertise derived from over twenty years of research and thousands of successful security engagements as we continue to evolve our products.