Secure Applications start with you, the developer, commit to better software.

Excellent Developers Write Secure Software

  1. Learn how to write secure code faster
  2. Improve your app security over time
  3. Figure out the best approach for your team

Security Belongs in Development

Software security hasn’t evolved much in the last decade: we’re still tackling the same cross-site scripting and SQL injection issues as always — if we’re doing anything at all. Something’s got to give.As developers, it makes sense to own the security of our code the same way that we own the quality. By building it more securely now, we’ll save ourselves hours of hair-pulling and keyboard-slamming down the road.


Weary of abstruse security definitions and categorizations? Check out our growing collection of security-focused content that's clear and to-the-point. It's a refreshing change of pace.

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What We Do Here

We believe that good software is secure software. Codiscope is improving the quality of software everywhere by creating tools that help developers build and deploy secure code faster.